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Invitation to Secular Christmas and Holiday Celebrations


NEW in Orff-Schulwerk for Christmas

An attractive program for your next concert

Teacher's book and compact discs, vocal and instrumental versions: eighteen (18) new French songs, simple instrumentations, movement activities and steps for the teacher.

Long live the profane, discovering our traditions!


It is with joy and great pride that I present to you this brand new anthology of Christmas and the Holiday Season, eighteen (18) unpublished French songs according to the Orff approach, themes specific to childhood, subjects from our cultural heritage and our fond memories of youth.


Safeguarding our traditions and our culture is part of our educational and musical mission that we must give ourselves as music specialists.

PAYSAGES de Noël et du Temps des fêtes.jpg

PAYSAGES de Noël et du Temps des fêtes 

Notre belle province 

ISBN 978-2-922170-09-2

Book of 163 pages

PAYSAGES de Noël et du Temps des fêtes,

teacher's manual and compact discs

And what could be more enjoyable than humming merrily Christmas tunes!


In our contemporary context in education, an adjustment was necessary. Traditional Christmases were almost always presented according to the religious dimension. This is quite normal, since Christmas was originally a Judeo-Christian celebration, and has been for centuries.


Without banishing everything, what could be more commendable than continuing to advocate these beautiful human and universal values such as love, peace, kindness, sharing, but in a context adapted to our society today, in a context which now wants to be profane in our schools.


Hence the challenge of publishing this new collection, with these brand new songs, while rediscovering our tender characters, our culture, our values and symbolism as well as our Franco-Quebec traditions which rocked our childhood and which continue their work.

  • Les biscuits du Père Noël

  • Noël des petits cœurs

  • Un, deux, trois flocons de neige

  • Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

  • Les voyelles de Noël

  • Le petit train de Noël 

  • Du Pôle Nord jusqu’en Ukraine

  • Le bonhomme hiver

  • Petits rennes à petit trot     


  • Les p’tits lutins du temps des fêtes

  • Qui est ce vieux monsieur ?

  • Pirouettes, cacahuètes

  • À vos plumes, mes amis !

  • Choco, chocolat, chocolat chaud

  • Au diable, les pénitences ! 

  • Le rigodon du Temps des fêtes

  • Mets tes bottines, pis ta capine! 

  • Un temps pour aimer, partager.   



A MUST in times of pandemic!

Happy discovery !

Christmas and Holiday Pot-Pourri

A source of joy in Orff-Schulwerk

for preschool and elementary school.


IMPORTANT   Note that Les Éditions Musique en fête are now  the only distributor of our publications.

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