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Carl Orff and his approach


Carl Orff is renowned world-wide since the 30's for his skills as a musician, composer, and orchestra conductor. He has equally dedicated his genius to the world of education, promoting a brand new philosophy for the teaching of music.


His approach embraces the human being in his global development, by awakening young children to music and accompanying their musical development all through life.


In teaching music today, is it not a noble objective to search for balance and harmony between the body and the spirit, between the mind and the heart? ...

Carl Orff was convinced of this at the very beginning of his career. Opposing traditional teaching, the great master created a special approach which was avant-garde for that period. It promoted a global concept that was omnipresent within each musical activity. Taught in many parts of the world, the Orff method invites us to a unique experience based on spontaneous imitation, inspiring a magical quality to the teaching of music. Using instrumentations that are easily performed by children, the approach is flexible, original and creative. Special importance is given bodily movements as the expression of the body's poetic language, so that, along with the sounds and tonalities, magic is everywhere.

The original music of ethnic populations around the world, with its display of basic human skills, is suitably integrated within the pedagogical process inspired by Carl Orff: natural skills such as the singing voice and rhythmic recitation, the multi-form playing of simple instruments, as well as bodily expression through dance and movement. This diversified traditional music provides an ideal group setting to stimulate the spontaneity of the student, as it invites one to freely express their natural skills by improvising musical gestures. They are encouraged in their artistic inclinations and emotions, and is thus able to convey their message to the group.

We invite you to explore the famous pedagogical principles created by Carl Orff and his Orff Schulwerk. This avant-garde and dynamic approach in music pedagogy will surely win your favour. This is because, more than other methods, it may be adapted to the various cultures of the world, and has thus become immensely successful practically everywhere.

Chantal Dubois

Avec la permission de Horia Vlad Guzu, un très grand merci pour cette très belle contribution au Orff-Schulwerk.

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