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Reproduction rights, a winning formula for the music specialist and the student, in addition to encouraging and participating in the creation and innovation of  new publications in Music Education

Do you like our material? Do you appreciate the educational exclusivity that you are granted?

Would you like us to continue our research with many other topics in Music Education?

Know that we need you and that you can also tangibly participate

in educational innovation!

If you are tempted to photocopy a drawing, a melody, lyrics, a score

for your students... 

we offer you a winning formula for everyone.



Gone are the days of a student's book that is deteriorating.  This old formula, in addition to being very expensive for parents and schools, offered less flexibility to the teacher. The possibility for the student to possess the various necessary pages inside his own notebook is a source of significant motivation.

Our reproduction rights formula includes:

  • All custom photocopy loans (student sheets) with the name of your school at the bottom of each page ready to be included in the student's notebook.

  • Text giving you reproduction rights for all students attending your school's music class at the time of purchase and for all years to come at no additional cost. 

  • All in an attractive and functional school binding with plasticized separation pouches.

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