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PAYSAGES de la chanson française, Folklore et traditions, Orff-Schulwerk, Les Éditions Musique en fête par Chantal Dubois.

It is with great pride and pleasure that I present to you this imposing anthology of French songs according to the Orff approach, fifty carefully chosen works, little musical gems of our cultural heritage and our tender memories of youth.


The safeguarding of our folklore and our culture is part of our educational and musical mission that we must give ourselves as specialists in music.

This colossal research is divided into three parts, the first dealing with "Landscapes of early childhood", the second "Landscapes of youth" and the third "Landscapes of yesteryear and New France", anthology which was part of our traditional musical life from our 17th century French colonization until today.


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the teacher's book and compact discs.

Paysages de la chanson française, Folklore et traditions, Orff-Schulwerk, Les Éditions Musique en fête par Chantal Dubois.

Two essential resources in Orff-Schulwerk

for preschool and primary school.

Vol. 1: LANDSCAPES of early childhood and youth

Vol. 2: LANDSCAPES of yesteryear and New France


Paysages de la chanson française, Folklore et traditions, Orff-Schulwerk, Les Éditions Musique en fête par Chantal Dubois.

First edition, ISBN 978-2-922170-04-7 Book of 125 pages

First edition, ISBN 978-2-922170-05-4 Book of 163 pages


Careful and sought-after selection among the most beautiful gems of our French heritage from Quebec and our cousin provinces.






Targeted study of our cultural heritage through historical, literary and contextual aspects, a real journey through time, a vestige of our French heritage.


Fifty (50) French musical resources, a vibrant echo of our history, combining song, instrumentation and movement according to the Orff global approach for the different levels of elementary school.

A lot of happiness! ...

My curiosity and interest in history and culture took me back to my own childhood, my youth and our traditions. You will guess that each of the selected pieces has been treated with the attention it deserves. Historical anecdotes and cultural winks are described in the fact sheets to enrich the fifty activities.

And since we will have to live and teach differently in this time of global pandemic, I offer you, in these two collections, movement activities and complementary games in two distinct forms: the Corona Fiesta (fun version respecting the rules of distancing and public health in times of pandemic) and the Tradition and updating version (unrestricted version, for the return to normal life).

Yes, we can have fun and play differently in these more unstable times. The beauty of these songs, pretty instrumentation really very simple to perform and easily achievable complementary activities, I have only to wish you as much happiness in rediscovering this repertoire filled with beautiful memories as I had to write this anthology of our French anthology.

Now, it's your turn to play !      

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